Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little bit About Us

We train in weapons and improvised weapons for self-defense. We link together stick fighting, knife combat, and empty hand so that training in one helps the other.

Our code is to NOT discriminate against style or technique.  Instead we always look for ways of progress. 

Coach Wmpyr

Wmpyr proudly follows the STRAIGHT EDGE life style because martial arts is more than just fighting skills but a way to live.

Wmpyr loves the diversity in martial arts, which is why he cross trained in a variety of styles from around the globe.

Wmpyr chose to specialize in the knife and created the K4S style out of necessity for himself. After seeing how effective and beneficial it was, he decided to share it, mainly through Youtube. Wmpyr was one of the first to offer online knife and stick instruction on Youtube.

Wmpyr's Youtube channel, www.youtube.com/wmpyr

Click here for Wmpyr Martial Arts Resume


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