Thursday, December 2, 2010


Every instructor out there has a unique experience in their martial arts journey, especially if they decided to incorporate teachings from more than one style. So you might have a Kenpo Karate black belt who added punches from Boxing, low kicks from Muay Thai, stick and knife from Escrima and some trapping techniques from Wing Chun. So each instructor can come up with their own unique combination of martial arts bits and pieces.

I am no exception. But please understand that I didn't just put stuff together based on whatever I happened to learn, K4S has a core. That core is MMA. Whether it's stick fighting, knife combat, or empty hand the core is the sport of MMA. The reason is because knife combat, Chi levels and many other things found in martial arts cannot be measured. So to have a realistic base we need to have a base that can be measured. My knife skills can only be speculated, but my Boxing, Judo, Wrestling skills can be compared. What kind of level does a pro knife fighter train at? We don't know, but we do know how pro Boxers trains at.

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