Thursday, January 20, 2011

K4S Seminar & Class

Things you can expect from a K4S class or seminar!
Train first talk later!
I'm not one of those guys that goes on and on with theory, I'm like a coach. Lots of drills, we are gonna tap into muscle memory, and trust me, by the end of it, something useful is gonna stick!

If your into MMA, or just interested, this is for you. Our empty hand skills come from the combat sport of MMA.
Similar to MACP (Modern Army Combatives Program) you will learn the basic moves for MMA. We also teach the "Only for the street" version as well.

The rare art of knife combat is the heart of the K4S system. No-nonsense self-defense for the street. I tap into a myriad of martial arts styles to concentrate on increasing your skill for knife combat.

Our stick style is different from the mass, because it's not pure Filipino Martial Arts, it is called Assorted Stick Fighting, mixing moves from FMA, Bayonet Fighting, Kendo, and European Cane. We also train in the stick for knife combat, improvised weapons, and empty hand.

People love action films, every action film is in someway shape or form martial arts related, basically it is drama that shows fighting spirit. I'm here to help you make the fantasy a reality by adding discipline and skills to your life. Be your own real life hero. A typical movie is about 90 minutes. My class is about the same time. Learn cool things that will give you courage, toughness and skill for your everyday life.

I require online payment in advance.
RATE: $50 a month for 1 class per week.
This equals to 4 classes.

No contracts, but I expect you to commit to those 4 classes. It is your responsibility to come to class. No refunds
Please contact me for any inquiries:

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