Sunday, January 9, 2011


Modern Martial Arts Knife

Folding knife designed by a martial artist to enhance fighting techniques in today's society.

Chisel grind for easy sharpening out in the field.
American Tanto style blade shape.
Thorn with lanyard hole on spine area of blade.
Ricasso area is used as a guard when open and used as a finger stop for safe closing.
When closed a stud presses against the ricasso area so the blade edge doesn't touch anything.

Made with common screws and easy to take apart for cleaning and customizing. Plan to make interchangeable blades and handles.
All metal handle for strong body and strong pocket clip attachment.
Circular grooves for grip and changing grips.
Jagged crown at the top of handle for combat palm stick.
Beak at the bottom of handle for combat palm stick.
Handle is relatively straight for comfort in various grips.
Standard lanyard hole at the end of handle.

Pocket clip has a lanyard hole.
Posterior groove is free of blade for safe grabbing the knife.

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