Sunday, June 12, 2011


I've made it clear that I teach my own blend of martial arts and it is not pure FMA (Filipino Martial Arts).

So where exactly does it differ?
Once you learn all the basics to single and double stick, traditionally the partner drills become more and more intensive.

In FMA the practitioners will spend more time doing various forms of Hubud, Tapi Tapi, and Lock Flow type exercises.
I can do a minimal amount of that but this is where we really differ. This is where I go into Muay Thai clinch fighting, Judo, and Wrestling.

Now it's not because I feel that Kickboxing and Grappling is superior to sticky hand type techniques, but because I enjoy those styles and I have a significant background in them as well.

If you are training in stick fighting and you want to only stay in this art, then you will not go any further than Hubud, Tapi Tapi, Lock Flow because if you did you will end up studying another art.

This limitation, if you can accept this as a limitation is not a bad thing.
By understanding that it is a limitation, it let's you know when you need to change tactics.
If your fighting a boxer and your trying to trap him and it's not working, then that is good, it's telling you to get out of there! to change Tactics. The wrong idea is to keep trying it and try to prove that your style or trapping works. You can't force it, you have to have good timing. there is a time and place for everything.

The fact that it's not working doesn't mean it's useless, or that your style sucks, just that it's the wrong time or perhaps the wrong opponent.

For example, I'm using Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, BJJ and my opponent is much stronger, faster, better endurance, and explosive than me, I'm trying to get submissions but he powers out of them, then this tells me not to go for submissions right now, I don't get offended and think that my style sucks or BJJ doesn't work, I just change tactics. I might just switch to keeping position and wearing him down instead.

Don't be prejudice towards and style or technique.
And obviously not towards another human being.

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