Saturday, June 11, 2011


Recently I put up these VIOLENCE FACTORY videos because I think the general public thinks of me as a traditional Filipino Stick Fighting guy.
I wanted to show that I actually specialize in the knife, and teach it like a Modern Reality Self-defense course.

The Violence Factory really goes beyond self-defense and into the realm of knife combat.
The question is how can you have an advantage over other knife fighters?
People who train in knife fighting, generally are going to have knowledge of techniques, strategies, and targets. Everybody likes to presume incorrectly that their techniques are deadlier than others.

I teach something unique... How to increase the amount of damage you do. This is one of our main focuses in the Violence Factory Program. And this concept leads us to the next step which is Project Overkill. This is just a clear and simple logical progression. I've seen so many knife fighting instructors get lost in their own "theories" and become less and less realistic even though they think they found a practical solution. To avoid making those mistakes, I kept my goal simple and clear, I just want to Increase the wound channel.

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