Tuesday, August 2, 2011



Category: Martial Arts Instructor, Guardian
Activity Level: Semi retired
Identity: Nobody cares
Arch Enemy: None
Region: Texas
Organization: None
Motto: "I am deadlier than the knife."
Specialty: Knives, Martial Arts
Gear: Tactical Knives, tactical flashlight, scope, and other surprises!
Costume: Mask, gloves, HEELYS, and Neck piece from NYC based fashion designer Sumie Tachibana

Ever since the film KICK-ASS, becoming a real life superhero has become a fad. Personally I've looked after the safety of many people including strangers, way before the film or comic book KICK-ASS ever came out. Being a martial artist it was just always part of the code to protect the weak and innocent. I've also worked along side Police doing security.

WMPYR is my alter ego, with this persona and being on Youtube, I hope to encourage people to train martial arts for the right reasons and help people develop their own code of honor so that society can become a better place.

I do not like conflict, although I feel like I'm very good at terminating it, Ninja assassin style. Vampires have always been a dear subject to me ever since I was in pre kinder! I am a descendant of a not so nice Samurai Knight. I try to be nice to people to help me tame my cursed blood.

My costume and character idea was inspired from Nightwing from Batman. I wanted a Nightwing + Dracula + Ninja.

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