Saturday, April 7, 2012

He-man and the Masters of the Universe

80s kid here, and one of my favorite toys of all time was He-man and the Masters of the Universe toy line.

My Top Favorites List

10. Fakor
Dig the off beat colors such as orange armor and sword, blue skin. Sticker on the chest. Due to the colors, obviously not a good faker but I think that's what I like about him, quite campy, a really cool figure.

9. Hordak
I don't know if Skeletor was over exposed, but Hordak seemed a bit cooler and more unique. Skeletor basically has a grim reaper look which makes him more generic.

8. Mekanek
Cyborg looking guy, very cool gimmick, twist the waist and the head pops up, should have had a cool helmet for head butting, his club took a while for me to get use to, but I do like it.

7. Spikor
Definitely has some good play value here with his spikey armor.

6. Man-E-Faces
Personally I think the concept of Man-E-faces is much cooler than the result. The guy is an egg head, a humpty dumpty if you will. Toy wise, I like the way eyes rotated for Tri-clops much better than the bulky head of Man-E-Faces.

5. Cobra Khan
Basically a spray bottle action figure. Nice and simple gimmick that works, Whiplash is another one that I feel falls into the category of simple gimmick, yet still cool, and between the two, I prefer Cobra Khan for some reason.

4. Fisto
One giant hand is one of the weakest gimmicks, we have Clawful which wasn't too impressive of a figure if you ask me, and Fisto seemed even weaker, because his fist couldn't even hold anything, on top of that he basically was a twin of Jitsu, two figures that were basically the same in concept just different in looks. That being said, as an adult I can appreciate Fisto much more now, his looks is what does it. In every way he is the bigger stud than He-man, just look at that mustache! Fisto should have been the main character. He looks Kingly for crying out loud!

3. Roboto
What can I say, I like robots! When I was a kid Trap Jaw was my favorite figure, I didn't have Roboto, but come on, he is basically an improved Trap Jaw. On top of having the interchangeable weapon arm, he has the moving jaw, and best of all the clear body with the functioning gears, totally cool, just wish he had a loop hole somewhere so that he could also slide down to action like Trap Jaw.

2. King Hiss
Since Conan the Barbarian was one of the first R rated movies I was allowed to watch as a kid, snakes had an impact on me, they were evil, and since He-man was based off of Conan, to me King Hiss was the ultimate villain. And how can you not like his gimmick? Pretends to be a heroic warrior but then his torso splits off like a shell to reveal a body made of multiple snakes, now that captures the imagination.

1. Multi-bot
As an adult I ordered him off of ebay. After watching a ton of MOTU vintage and classic toy reviews on Youtube, I am convinced that he is the best figure of the entire toy line.
Basically like Modu-Lok but looks way cooler imo. Modu-Lok's alien-ant looks a bit too creepy to me, those buggy eyes and really thin physique didn't really fit with the rest of the MOTU. Multi-bot on the other hand fits right in and I also like that Modu-Lok built him, basically making Multi-bot the Frankenstein's monster.

Other mentions
Two Bad

Of the many versions of Skeletor including the original, Battle Armor Skeletor, Dragon Blaster Skeletor, and Terror Claws Skeletor, I think Battle Armor Skeletor would be scariest to face, and it makes more sense that Skeletor rather than He-man, can heal his damage since he does use magic. Terror Claws Skeletor is menacing so he is 2nd place, however I wish they had made him with a glow in the dark face like Scareglow.

This is what I remember having as a kid:
Beast Man
Trap Jaw

Battle Cat

Battle Ram

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