Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Enson Inoue vs Igor Vovchanchyn

Enson Inoue Vs Igor Vovchanchyn

Lessons from MMA

Right at the start surprisingly Enson brawls with Igor and survives. They end up in the ground which is Enson's strong suit. For the majority of the match they stay on the ground, Igor inside Enson's guard. Igor delivers a brutal pounding until the referee stops it. Igor is a physical monster, but Enson is no slouch either. Enson has a proven record that he can submit top athletes from the guard position. Despite these two points in this match Enson is unsuccessful at submitting Igor even though he tries repeatedly. Igor is successful in this match because he attacks at the right time and defends when he needs to. When Enson goes for a submission attack, Igor defends, he then takes advantage of the opening and attacks. When you attack you become vulnerable, this principal was effectively used against Enson in this match. When Igor attacks from within the guard, he makes sure not to over extend himself. Submissions require leverage using the entire body so this is difficult to execute safely, you have to commit and use your entire body. So it's like watching a boxer who uses only a jab versus a boxer who only uses a KO punch. Who has the advantage? The boxer who has the jab can wear down the other boxer. I think Enson could have played a very tight submission game and added some strikes to wear down Igor while still threatening him with submissions. There are two ways to do submissions. One is very dynamic the way Rickson Gracie does it, this requires excellent timing. The other way is to be very tight and methodical. This is a safer way to do submissions but the downside is that it telegraphs your intent and takes the fight towards a battle of attrition.
Ryushi Yanagisawa vs John Lober This is a Pancrase match so it's not full MMA. However there are still very good lessons to be learned here. Lober goes for the takedown immediately and is put inside the guard by Yanagisawa. From there Lober mixes up going for the leg with palm strikes to the head. Yanagisawa in a defensive position, blocks each type of attack. Lober then gets his foot lock countered with a footlock from Yanagisawa. At this point Lober delivers a strong palm strike, interesting enough, Yanagisawa had the sense to let go of the footlock and block the strike. After that, both men go for the footlock on each other. Lober has a hard time securing his because Yanagisawa straightens out his leg. Then Yanagisawa secures his anklelock solid breaking Lober's leg.

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