Saturday, September 22, 2012

Unique Tactical Knives Article

California Cobra
Garrison Fighting Knife
Manticuda VFK
P001 Bodyguard Tactical Folder
SNAG Live Blade Folder

The list goes on and on, tactical knives with a unique look. Why do these knives look so different? Because the designers chose to think outside the box. To the untrained eye these knives may be confused as fantasy knives and simply dismissed as mall ninja. One could not be more incorrect. These knives are well thought out, practical-tactical knives from the minds of combat trained experts. If you are open minded enough to understand that there are many ways to climb the mountain to victory, then you can appreciate these unique knives attempting to give you that extra advantage by bringing something a little different to the table.

Often times however there are critics who strongly dismiss these knives, but the harder they try to put down these knives, the truth is exposed, they are scared. They are scared that if these knives deliver, then the comfortable world they live in will be turned upside down. After all it will take money and time for them to learn and experience these knives, sadly these people do not want to leave their comfort zone, they get angry when they hear about something new and exciting that they don't own. Because these knives can be drastically different from anything they own, it looks like a big risk, so they go with the majority. They just can't admit that these knives can be effective or that these knives are cool.

1) It looks stupid.
It's not stupid, they are based from combat methods, form fits function. Because you don't understand or never seen it before, doesn't make it invalid. There are many ways to victory.

2) It looks awkward, I don't like it.
A good fighter can use any tool effectively.

3) It's too expensive it's not worth it.
A custom knife is going to be expensive, and essentially that's what these knives are. These knives are designed to save lives, unless you don't value your life, these knives are worth it. Just because you can't afford it doesn't make it overpriced or worthless, it just means you can't afford it.

Last but not least, if you know their weapon and they don't know yours, that is an advantage.

This article may seem a bit harsh, but I'm really speaking against those people who are disrespectful, nay sayers that crush other people's hard work. Open your mind and be sincere, I think all these knives are cool and fascinating, I do not have all of them, nor do I plan to, my wallet definitely can't handle that, but even if it could, there is no desire for me to do such a thing. I enjoy reading about these knives and looking at pictures. I do have the honor to own a couple, and I greatly enjoy and appreciate what I have. Take care and don't let any opinionated bully sway your opinion, do the research and keep an open mind!

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CedN said...

True, people should be willing to look beyond their comfort zone to see if there are new and better ways to do things. This is true in all things, not just weapons.
To number Two above I say this, any warrior should be able to utilize any weapon at hand, but should choose weapons based on how well they suit the warrior. If a weapon feels clumsy, or takes extra effort to utilize, then perhaps that weapon is not a good choice! All of that aside, I very much enjoyed reading your reviews.