Friday, December 28, 2012

Yoga and Martial Arts

My Yoga experience

High school was extremely stressful for me. Thankfully I was able to experience Yoga and meditation during these dark times in my life that planted some good seeds in me. At the time it was easy for me to appreciate Yoga and meditation because I experienced the benefits first hand, during those classes I felt very relaxed and at peace. Even though I never pursued Yoga as a primary interest, I learned as much as I could whenever I encountered it. There is a single principal I follow for Yoga, "The mind affects the body and vice versa". I apply Yoga to martial arts so that I know my mental and physical condition at any given moment, knowing this helps grounding me in reality, and being more realistic can be a big advantage over my opponent. One I understand my state, then using the principal I control my mental or physical state to put me in a better position. Yoga has been fun and easy for me to relate to because it has many common grounds with martial arts, like stretching, stances/postures, breathing and meditating. Another reason why Yoga appeals to me is because of the age old saying, "The mind is the ultimate weapon", and through Yoga I am able to develop more control over the mind by learning the skill to link it with the body.

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