Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nate Marquardt VS Jake Ellenberger UFC 158

This is a surprising match for me, I've been watching Nate's career since his Pancrase days, the guy is a well rounded and super experienced fighter, I've even trained BJJ with one of his students from Denver. For this match up, the commentators said that both fighters have impressive power in their punches. I think to understand the reason why Nate got KOed, actually is a strategic mistake on his part. Because he is so well balanced I think he thought he could do it all, but against a tough opponent, what your actually doing during the match is something more important than what your capable of. During the match, Nate was using a barrage of kicks very impressively, from low inside kicks, to high kicks, these are designed to wear down your opponent. His opponent Jake looked to me like he was looking to land some bombs and look for the KO. I think Nate thought he could KO his opponent against a guy who was working to KO him, and even though what Nate was doing the whole time was not setting up for a KO. I think if Nate stuck to taking his time and just completely work on wearing down his opponent I think he would have had the advantage for sure, and who knows in the process a KO opportunity may have presented itself. Anyways lesson for me that I learned here was that your mind and your actions need to be in sync. And sometimes such as in this case being well rounded and talented in all areas can end up messing you up by confusion.

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