Saturday, March 16, 2013

problem with martial arts today

In one word, marketing. In order to be successful in today's modern society, marketing is so important. Sadly because of this fact, the loudest rudest person gets the most attention making their marketing campaign a success. These big marketing claims are targeted towards the consumers weakness. You have to ask yourself what do you want and how much of that is unreasonable. People want to hear guarantees that if they train in a certain style then they are making the right choice and they will be fine. The truth is there is no such guarantee. There is no short cut to hard work. There is no style or technique that is better/superior than another. Understanding the plus and minus for each style/technique is the key. Another thing you often times hear is that if you train wrong you will get killed in the streets. Don't fall for this fear tactic. Once again this is marketing that is trying to exploit your insecurities. Nobody starts off good, everyone starts off making a ton of mistakes, you have to learn how to make mistakes your friend and they teach you how to improve, so don't be afraid of making mistakes. The only problem is when someone starts to make huge claims and believes them, you have to understand that these people make their opinion in to law. And this is completely wrong. Opinion is just an opinion, it is not fact. There is nothing wrong with having preferences. I can prefer kicking over punching. However if I say kicking is better than punching then I am stepping my boundaries and you should understand that such a claim is really just an opinion and therefore ridiculous that a person would say that. Cults get started because there are evil bastards out there that will make these outrageous claims as facts and say it with the biggest confidence, no shame, no conscious that they are lying and manipulating, and sadly every single one of us at one point in our lives are vulnerable to this because we want to hear what they are saying, we want, we desire such things even though may not exist because we want the comfort. But part of the martial path is to over come such tendencies and learn how to not idolize/worship talented people, and just merely work hard and develop the confidence from within. Like I said sadly there are bastards out there that will say, yes I am your idol, worship me, they will take anything you give them, and ask for more, they will milk you dry. So be careful, if it sounds too good to be true, well it most likely is!

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