Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stick Fighting

Intro My stick fighting background comes primarily from my Arnis, Kali, and Eskrima training. I don't limit myself to just the Filipino styles and I have expanded my stick fighting to include other methods as well. Can't Block Everything One of the biggest misconceptions in stick fighting is that people think that the art is designed to block everything. If done right, you can block all the opponent's attacks because this is how we partner train and demonstrate things. You have to understand that demonstrations are not all like real fighting, and that partner training is used for skill development, and that skill development is not the same as fighting. In real life, you can block maybe one or two hits. In Boxing sometimes a fighter after a few rounds can read their opponent's attacks and can go in with no guard and evade all the attacks to show how much he outclasses his opponent. This can happen in stick fighting too, but you shouldn't expect to be able to do this. If you know that you can't block everything then you will use long distance as another means of defense or close the distance to neutralize them. X Block The X Block is highly misunderstood, many times people criticize this technique and say it is ineffective. Many of these people do not realize that the X Block can be done many different ways. Once you understand this, you can put them into a strategic flow that helps you know what to do in combat. Going from further away to closer and closer, the X Block can be done as an instinctive parry when startled, it's basically a quick check that helps you evade attacks and keep distance. If an attack is more committed the X Block now becomes an actual block. You will take the hit with the meaty part of your arms. If you have the opportunity you can counter strike by spiking your elbow at the opponent, or if you have a blade you can counter cut their arm. If the opponent is even more aggressive then you can use the X Block to close the distance and catch/trap the arm. Once you do that you can secure the arm and go for a joint lock or disarm. The X block is typically the name of a technique in Karate. In Stick Fighting we call the X Block the Arms Crossed position.

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