Sunday, March 24, 2013

you fight how you train

This is a common quote you will hear in the martial arts. I feel this quote is often times abused and totally misunderstood. You fight how you train therefore you should train hard and give it your best. I feel this is the true quote, although it can still be misinterpreted. By training hard I do not mean hard contact. The bottom line is that martial arts is a simulation of combat. Even though martial means war, what we do is not actual war. It is preparing for combat, but it is never the real thing. I think most people totally misunderstand this quote when they take it literally. If you take it literally then it suggests that training needs to equal fighting. Which would be the stupidest way to prepare for a fight simply because the stakes are too high. Only a reckless person who doesn't value their well being would train by fighting. As rough as boxing is, it's still a sport, and boxers who understand the value of fighting experience, still try to make sure that they work their careers by fighting the right opponents at the right times. I train with many weapons, many of which I will never walk around the city with. Training with these for home only weapons has really helped my fighting skills. This is because I understand how to apply one set of knowledge to another set of tools. This is the spirit of improvised weapons training. Martial arts in itself is about applying what you learn in training to your actual life. So being able to apply a skill from one discipline to a totally different area in your life is true martial arts, and true practicality. A beginner will not be able to do this, so if a beginner wants to be practical they need to be very literal which is highly limiting, but that makes sense because a beginner is limited in their abilities.

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