Saturday, April 13, 2013

Best Martial Arts Style

Martial arts is not about trying to figure out which style works and which one doesn't. It's about developing yourself so that you have a better chance of successfully executing the style that your learning. I've been training in the martial arts for over 2 decades now, I've studied and seen countless styles and I have yet to encounter a single style that I could not benefit from in someway shape or form. The great thing about all this is that most of the time, whether you can benefit from a style or not has to do with your attitude rather than your abilities. My dad said to me once, you can even learn from an idiot, just learn how not to do things. Tell me about the worst style you've ever seen, and I bet you I could make it work for me. I would attend the class, absorb like a sponge and observe. When I get home I will do my homework, and put in tons of repetitions, and as I do that, I will slowly but surely try to figure out ways to adapt it to my needs, my goals, and my ideas. And if I keep doing that, it will amount to something of quality. Learning the style is one thing, but learn how to be a good student and your understanding will be much better.

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