Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Man of Principals

My Dad is someone who has a strong opinion and he has his own set of principals he has developed throughout his life. I learned from him that a man should have a set of principals they follow. A code of honor, to be able to make decisions and figure out what is just and unjust. I have been a life long martial artist and definitely the code of the warrior that comes with martial arts study has been very helpful for me.

If you are a person who has and follows a code of honor, then for certain in your lifetime you will encounter those who will disagree and challenge your stance. When this happens, my Dad believes it is time to go to war. Having been in the martial arts world for so long, I have learned that war is something to avoid, that it is tragic and should be last resort only. If I shove my code of honor down another person's throat, I am essentially being a bully. When you go to war, sacrifices are made. It is truly difficult to justify such sacrifices unless you are being damaged worse and you have no choice but to, in other words it is self-defense.

So the next time you decide to yell at someone, and go to war, verbally or physically, ask yourself, how bad am I being violated here? Is this truly a self-defense situation, or did my ego get rubbed the wrong way? If an operator on the phone is being rude, then just hang up, call again, chances are you will have someone else, if the bank is being unreasonable go to another location. And if you have to, just tell the person calmly that you do not agree with their behavior, and walk away, do not continue to fight unless they corner you and force you. Of course I want to make clear that there are some truly malicious people out there and their intent is just to be evil, you must be able to distinguish a scenario like that from this one, because the solutions are different. In a normal clash of ideals, you want to remain professional, use minimal and appropriate force, and basically just get away, there is no need to make someone understand your point, because they may never will if you go in that direction, you may need to earn their respect, and that can be done differently not by shoving your opinion down their throat. Against an evil individual, you must not give them any advantage and take them out ASAP.

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