Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chi Ki Energy Martial Arts

My concept of Ki. When you move your body in such a way that it is so subtle, that it can't be seen, yet the action/result is still there. Let's say I want to throw someone with a Judo throw, my brain tells my body what to do, and then you can see my body take the necessary steps to make it happen. But let's say I become so efficient that you don't see me move much and I can still throw my opponent, then this is what you call excellent technique, all leverage, all skill. Let's go one step further, either I barely move and get the throw or my opponent gets thrown with a much larger force than what my motion seemed like. Then we can say I am using Ki. So according to my definition, it is efficiency of technique to a very high level. To the point it looks like it is done only by intent and not by physical means.

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