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My Top 10 Favorite vintage GI Joe figures

My Top 10 Favorite GI JOE figures
by Wmpyr

Please keep in mind that the following list was chosen from my personal collection, in other words I actually owned these figures at one time or another. I'm only including vintage figures from 80s and 90s, nothing from Valor VS Venom, or anything after that.

Long Arm
There are many really good outer space and future themed figures, even though I really like Dee-Jay, Long Arm was excellent, his neon orange color, removable helmet, and even his bright red weapons and accessories made him one of my faves.

M. Bison (v2)
I really liked Overlord, Serpentor, the original hooded Cobra Commander, Headman, and Destro, but out of all these evil leaders, M. Bison to me is the most formidable because you know he is the best fighter of them all. Version two came with a so-so over sized buggy and a cool silver shoulder pad which did not come with the original.

Not including Zartan, my top four Dreadnoks are Ripper, Buzzer, Torch, and Road Pig. Road Pig has the best accessories but Ripper is the coolest looking figure of the Dreadnoks. Back in the day every time I got a punk rock/biker looking Dreadnok I felt like I was being a rebellious badboy and that alone makes the Dreadnoks totally cool.

Sgt. Slaughter
Between the many cool Duke figures, the great General Hawk figure, Capt. Grid-Iron, Colonel Brekov, and The Fridge, I had to go with the Sarge simply because of charisma and it shows in the action figure. Back in the day I enjoyed making the Sarge body slam the other figures.

Storm Shadow (v2)
I definitely feel that this version is an improvement of the original, which was a great figure in it's own right. Version three Snake Eyes gave this figure a run for it's money though. Both are excellent ninja type figures but I ultimately chose this one because the figure was slightly cooler than Snake Eyes even though the latter had the better accessories, a skeletonized modern sword, a blow gun, and a three-section staff with an UZI attachment!?!

The Anti-Gravity Pod was actually not a good vehicle, the plastic and construction felt cheap with an unimpressive design. However the pilot, Nullifier was fascinating, he didn't come with any accessories other than his removable visor, but with his big head, short snout, strange writings on his chest, tubes going into his arms, he looked like he was an alien visitor of some sort.

Crystal Ball
He looks like Dracula, he looks like Vincent Price, a figure for the horror film fan. I also like his simple accessory, just a lenticular shield and that's it. He is my favorite of the mysterious figures, believe me Zartan came in a very close second!

Nemesis Enforcer
Possibly the coolest name for any action figure or character ever made. Fortunately it's not just the name, the actual figure is awesome too. The elbow blades, batwings, and tentacles, he looks totally awesome.

A fascinating action figure and character, Golobulus almost took the number one spot for me. Burgess Meredith did a great job doing his voice. I can still hear it today, Nemesis Enforcer take him away!

Since I really enjoyed fighting games back in the day, I think it's no coincidence that two fighting game characters made it into my top ten. Goro is awesome, even though he doesn't have the swivel waist, he has the four arms, pony tail, peg holes in the feet, and even two back pack holes. He's quite detailed and he towers over GI Joe and Cobra action figures like the menacing monster that he is.

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