Monday, May 19, 2014

My Favorite MMA Fighters

Favorite MMA Fighters
by Wmpyr

Johil de Oliveira
Yano Takumi
Maurice Smith
Royce Gracie
Dan Severn
Oleg Taktarov
Kevin Randleman

Remy Bonjasky
Kaoklai Kennorsing

Prince Naseem

Enson Inoue VS Igor Vovchanchyn
Royce Gracie VS Hidehiko Yoshida 
Kimo VS Pat Smith
Oleg Taktarov VS Dan Severn
Maurice Smith VS Tank Abbott
Pedro Rizzo VS Vernon White
Mark Coleman VS Alan Goes

Shinya Aoki
I'm a big fan of submissions and Aoki and fellow teammate Imanari have incredible submissions. I don't like how brutal Aoki is with the submissions but he is entertaining to watch and study.

Johil De Oliveira
After watching his Vale Tudo fights, I really liked how well balanced of a fighter he was, and I really liked his style.

Takumi Yano
Nicknamed the Oriental Mystery. Another smaller submissions fighter, with a very unorthodox style, I like his uniqueness and ground skills.

Shigeyuki Umeki
Another fighter that is very unorthodox and unique like Takumi Yano.

Duane Ludwig
I saw his King of the Cage fights, which made me want to hone my kickboxing skills. I really liked the way he fought, and his ground work was not bad for a standup striker.

Chris Brennan
Out of the super experienced MMA fighters like Eric Paulson, Matt Hume, Pat Miletech, Antonio McKee, Chris Brennan is my favorite because of his well balanced style and the actual fighting style he brings to the table, Ruas Vale Tudo plus black belt BJJ.

Renzo Gracie
In my opinion the best fighter to come out of the Gracie family. Always exciting to watch!

Royce Gracie
Every match he fights is captivating for me, even the long so called boring ones like his rematch with Ken Shamrock in UFC 5 is exciting to me and a lot to learn.

Dan Severn
My favorite wrestler, Kevin Randleman comes in second. Dan is just a personality, I enjoy his fights and his interviews, even if I don't agree with him. I like that he entered the UFC and dominated way past his prime as an experienced wrestler that had nowhere to go. I was bummed to see him lose to Mark Coleman but that was still a great fight.

Oleg Taktarov
My favorite Russian fighter, Igor Vovchanchyn comes in as a close second. I liked the way Oleg fought, solid grappling and later he even showed some boxing skills when he KOed Sean Alvarez.

Maurice Smith
I liked Mo because his kickboxing techniques looked super smooth and efficient. Some guys looked like they hit harder than Mo in MMA but they didn't look efficient. Mo seemed like a smart fighter and I appreciate that.

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