Wednesday, May 14, 2014

3 types of martial arts combat application

3 Types of Martial Arts Combat Application
Short essay by Wmpyr

Generally speaking we can divide martial arts combat application into 3 types. Finishing techniques, Altercation self-defense, and Fighting. All 3 can be used for various situations and can naturally occur in various situations. For example finishing techniques are not only for an assassination scenario where a person is setting up an ambush to murder someone, if there is enough rage this can occur during a street fight, domestic violence, or even a road rage incident. Even if a finishing technique doesn't kill a person, it can be useful for killing a person if the situation were different. For example in a cage fighting match in the sport of MMA, if you put someone to sleep with a RNC (rear naked choke) on the battlefield that would have lead to a kill. Even during a boxing match, there are times where a person must protect themselves and just survive the round, this is where self-defense techniques can come in, even though they will probably have to be modified for the sport of Boxing in this case. Fighting is basically when two people are in a struggle, a battle of attrition, trying to impose their will onto their opponent. I think it is important to train for all 3. For example imagine a terrible situation where a woman is getting attacked by a violent criminal. Let's say she knows some self-defense techniques so she is doing her best to protect herself and for a few minutes she succeeds, but eventually she gets beaten to a pulp. If she had trained in fighting, she could have backed up her self-defense skills and had a better result, and who knows, maybe at some point, her safety and survival may have depended on her terminating her assailant, in this case she would have needed finishing techniques.

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