Sunday, July 20, 2014

Incident Talk

Incident talk by Wmpyr

I had a rough day today. I wasn't being as alert as I could have been, and I almost hit a person while backing out of the grocery store today. So this guy responds by hitting my car, in a "Hey asshole watch it!" kind of way. I got furious, I almost jumped out of the car and beat the snot out of him in front of his girlfriend. Luckily I didn't. There's a lot of lessons to be learned here. First of all I admit that I made a mistake by not being more cautious, but why does this guy have to respond like that? Does it have to be like NYC? Why can't we respond and communicate like adults. What if this guy banged on the car of a 300 pound felon, biker, or gang member? Would he have done it if he had known that a deadly psychotic mofo was in the car? The bottom line is, you never know who your dealing with, so you shouldn't act like him. Another thing is that part of the reason why this happened was because he decided to hold his ground, and walk right behind my vehicle because he had the right of way. Legally this maybe the case, but one of the problems today is that people think that if they are "right", then that is good enough. And the truth is, it isn't. If you drive around in your daily life, going to work, grocery, etc, and all you do is follow the law that may not be good enough. You have to go the extra mile and anticipate and avoid danger too. Having the attitude of being so self-righteous, where your like, I'm right your wrong, means nothing, because at the end of the day if you get into an accident even if they are at the wrong, you still lose. If you get your face caved in, even if your right, you still lose. Violence is scary and doesn't care if your right or wrong. The lesson that I learned for myself was that of course I need to be more careful, distractions are the worst things by the way, and that I need to not get so heated up, I don't need this drama in my life and I was acting so dramatical by getting so pissed. Who am I? The problem is that in my mind I am a martial arts badass who can whip most of the population, and I'm such a nice guy that when I think I'm being violated I want to come down on you like I'm the law, I want to be your judge, jury, and executioner, and in my mind I'm doing a good thing. In reality, the truly strong warrior is strong so that he/she can take things that normal people can't. Verbal or even physical. If someone slapped me right now I would say it's on like Donkey Kong. But if you really think about it, did it hurt me? Was my life threatened? Is my family safe? Those are the things that are really important. So this I vow, I will end the drama in my life, and stop getting so angry so quickly. At the end of the day, I'm lucky to be alive, and I have the choice to focus on the positives in my life and be happy or choose not to let a little rudeness go, and potentially risk going to prison for beating up an idiot. Wise words from MMA legend Mirko Crocop, "If you decide to argue with a fool, people can't tell who is the fool".

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