Monday, August 25, 2014

GI Joes that I owned from back in the day


Spirit was my first GIJOE figure my mom got me. I really liked the details on him and enjoyed his accessories as well. His rifle was my favorite.

Storm Shadow was the most sought after figure by everyone in my grade school back in the day, and very difficult to find in stores. For some reason a kid gave Storm Shadow to me. I treasured it.

Mutt, even though his weapons the club and pistol didn't satisfy me, his face mask, facial scar and one armored up arm, and his dog made up for it. He looked mean and looked like he could pass as a bad guy.

My parents got me Firefly because they couldn't find me Storm Shadow for my birthday. They said he "looked" like a ninja. Even though I thought the figure looked cool, his camo was awesome, I was still very disappointed and refused to like him.

My Dad took me to the toy store in the mall called Circus World and said what do you want? I chose Zartan, he was like that's all? Don't you want something bigger? You can get something else with that. I said, no this is GREAT and more than enough! He had no idea how much I cherished this figure, Zartan was my absolute favorite toy from GIJOE.

Eels had some cool accessories, and the underwater theme reminded me of the climactic underwater battle scene in the 007 film Thunderball. But overall he looked a bit too generic for me. I wasn't a fan of his head sculpt.

I went to the mall with some friends, we all got GI Joes, I picked Torch, he reminded me of Chuck Norris, but I really liked how he was scum, I felt like a bad boy buying him.

Buzzer was given to me, and I ended up liking him way more than Torch, his accessories were way cooler too. I have to say that at some point, Zartan, Buzzer and Ripper were my absolute favorites.

The wild looking Ripper quickly became one of my top favorites. At the time Ripper was one of the most punk looking hardcore figure on the market. That made me like him very much plus his silver rifle was excellent even though I didn't care for his backpack and main weapon which was the JAWS of life.

My grandmother bought me Shipwreck in Japan, I was so surprised and happy to see GI Joe on the toy shelves over there. Shipwreck looked really cool, he stood out in design, and his silver gun was extra awesome.

Easily one of the best Snake Eyes character designs, I really like the medieval knight style visor, Timber the wolf, and the sword that sheathed into the backpack were excellent touches as well. My grandmother got me Ripper, Shipwreck, and this Snake Eyes, all three are totally awesome and I'll never forget it.

I got Crystal Ball because something about him stood out to me, all he came with was a shield, and the simplicity was appealing in it's own way. Today I appreciate him more, because he is so Dracula and Vincent Price like.

I got Techno Viper from a friend, he seemed like a crappy Darth Vader, I can't say I thought he was too great.

Zanzibar the swamp pirate who actually had "hair" was okay for me I didn't hate him or love him. I thought it was kind of cool that he had hair but he just didn't do much for me back then.

Getting Budo was a no brainer since I liked martial arts type characters. I liked all of his accessories, and back in the day I liked his accessories better than the figure, today I appreciate the figure as a modern day Samurai type design.

I honestly don't know why I got Iron Grenadier, maybe because it came with a small tube of real face paint to camo up your face. Iron Grenadier was not a figure I cared for very much.

I really liked Road Pig for some strange reason. He's a very interesting character that has a very bad file card that just repeatedly puts him down. None of the less, he is super muscular, looks like he came out of the Road Warrior film, and has some of the coolest accessories that are so unique such as the cement block hammer, and mini-crossbow.

This edition of Storm Shadow looked great, one of the best Storm Shadow figures out there. I didn't care much for his blocky bright red backpack, but the compound bow, claws, and red sword worked for me.

This Destro had a gold mask, and he looked very imposing. Quickly became one of my favorite GI Joe figures.

The jet craft that Annihilator came in was crap, it looked bad and the plastic felt cheap, however the figure looked totally fascinating and awesome, he reminded me of Predator, he definitely looked alien.

Flint Lifeline 1989 Backblast Dee-Jay Frag-Viper Gnawgahyde Despite being really buff, unique looking, and loaded with accessories, he didn't become one of my favorites. Snake Eyes Stalker T.A.R.G.E.T. Barbecue Srgt. Slaughter Spirit Darklon 1990 Overlord 1991 Red Star

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