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Monster Disc Bios


16 Monsters, each one a martial arts expert, ready to duke it out in a gore fest battle royal! You better keep an eye on your back!

Blue Skull
Fight Name: Cold Blue Death
Country: Canada
Fighting Style: Corpse-Kido
"I'm a natural born killer."

Murdering comes very natural to the overly logical Blue Skull. There is no rhyme or reason, he just knows how, just like a new born fish knows how to swim.

Brain Skull
Fight Name: The Harvester
Country: Mexico
Fighting Style: Alien Invasion Tactics
"You've never been probed before have you?"

One fateful day Damon was abducted and came back as a brainiac. Since then he built his own spacecraft from scratch and abducts people to experiment on.

Choppy the Clown
Fight Name: Scare Face
Country: USA
Fighting Style: Bloody Boxing
"This is the face that will haunt your dreams!"

Sent by his superior Molo the Clown to represent The Evil Clown Union. Pain of others makes him smile, while his own pain only makes him laugh.

Clawrence Claw Head
Fight Name: Claw Head Rex
Country: Australia
Fighting Style: Creature Claw Kung Fu
"You may call me The Rend Master"

Like an alligator he sits, observes, and waits for the right moment. When he strikes, he latches on and gator rolls until chunks come flying off.

Gavin The Cyclops
Fight Name: Cyclone Man Eater
Country: Greece
Fighting Style: Rock Head Pankration
"Cross me and I will tear off your limbs and pop your head like a grape!"

Formidable in size and strength, but his greatest weapon is his uncontrollable rage! BTW he also has a hugemongous appetite for human flesh.

Jackson Pumpkin Head
Fight Name: The Fireball from Hell
Country: USA
Fighting Style: Nightmare Bayonet Fighting
"I don't care about winning, I just love to fight!"

The one thing Jackson Pumpkin Head likes more than standing on a pile of dead bloody bodies, is to go for a ride on his loyal demonic horse and paint the town red!

Glazer The Knight Skull
Fight Name: Shogun of Death
Country: Denmark
Fighting Style: The Art of War
"I don't aim for perfection, I constantly achieve it."

A kingly persona, Glazer is highly trained in European Knighthood, Way of the Samurai, plus Mongolian and Viking invader methods.

Pink Skull
Fight Name: Phantom of the Cuteness
Country: Switzerland
Fighting Style: Screaming Kali, Tae Kwon Death
"I dominate with cute and adorable all over the place!"

Insanely cute and sadistic! Like a possessed bunny doll she just keeps going and going! Nobody else can make senseless violence look like so much fun!

Purple Skull
Fight Name: Hero Killer
Country: Japan
Fighting Style: Henchman Karate, Lucha Libre De Los Muertos
"Once you go postal, you never want to go back!"

Mordecai played a henchman on TV, constantly abused by the hero. One day he just snapped, and tore the hero in half. He was fired, but the video went viral!

Skull Mantis
Fight Name: The Green Devil
Country: USA
Fighting Style: Devil Mantis Kung Fu
"I was weak before the metamorphosis!"

Born in a test tube at a secret corporate facility. Don't touch his sexy bimbo wife or he will inject eggs into you with his ovipositor.

Fight Name: The Desecrater
Country: UK
Fighting Style: Haunted City Free Flow
"Live free and never die!"

Is Wraith male or female? Even Wraith can't remember. A drifter with no memory. Haunting one place to the next feeding on fear and anger.

Evil Rat King
Fight Name: The Mayor of Sin
Country: USA
Fighting Style: Gore Boxing
"My place is like Mardi Gras and Vegas times ten!"

Lucas Mazer is the broke self-proclaimed King of Rat Castle, an unsuccessful amusement park nearby Coney Island. Mazer hates happily ever after stories!

Sir Vordenburg The Vampire
Fight Name: The Widowmaker
Country: Poland
Fighting Style: Devil Bat Cane Fighting
"I sincerely doubt that your a worthy adversary."

This vampire looks bored when he fights, because he really is. For centuries nobody has truly tested his skills.

Larry The Lycan
Fight Name: King of the Black Forests
Country: France
Fighting Style: Fang and Claw
"I'm a speed demon, no one can keep up with me!"

Easily one of the quickest, most ferocious competitors in the game. Right when you think he's done, he goes into a wild frenzy!

Corpse Bundler
Fight Name: The Human Jigsaw
Country: Russia
Fighting Style: Eskimo Martial Arts
"Extreme environment is extremely useful to me and deadly for you."

A master of arctic combat, Corpse Bundler has learned to embrace the cold. In a barely visible snow blizzard all you see is a giant figure before he takes you.

Wrap Man Pharaoh
Fight Name: The Soul Taker
Country: Egypt
Fighting Style: Ancient Egyptian Warrior and Wrestling skills
"Bow down to Wrap Man... now!"

His underground pyramid has been converted into a state of the art martial arts training center. The Wrap Man trains all day long.

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