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Each "Main Set" comes with 6 Monster Discs, which is everything you need for 1 to 4 players Arena Battle Royal.

Arena Battle Royal, Rules for 2 to 4 Players:
Recommended to play on a square or rectangular table that is at least 2 feet by 2 feet.
Players take turns to flick their Monster Discs at each other, trying to hit the other player's Monster Discs off the table.

Normal Moves Terminology

When you hit another player's Monster Disc off the table, it is called a kill. You are awarded 3 points, and that Monster Disc is eliminated from the game.

Each table corner is called a base. Every player is assigned a base and start the game by placing their Monster Disc there.

Power Discs
When you hit a Power Disc off the table, then you score 1 point, remove that Power Disc and keep it in your hand for the duration of that game. Your Monster Disc can now do a special move.


1. Choose your Monster Disc.

2. Choose a table corner as your base.

3. To start all player's place their Monster Disc on their own base. Power Discs are set in the middle of the table.

4. Players take turns flicking their Monster Disc once per turn.

5. A Monster Disc is killed when it falls off the table. If your Monster Disc is killed it's game over for you.

6. Each time you kill another player's Monster Disc you score 3 points.

7. Choose any 2 left over discs to be Power Discs, you may place them with the bottom side up for easy identification.

8. If you hit a Power Disc off the table, remove it from the table, hold on to it and you can now do your special move.

9. Last one remaining on the table gets a Survivor Bonus of 5 points.

Learn about your Monster Disc's special move

If you want to take your MONSTARENA game to the next level, play with the big bad bosses!

Boss Disc is not included and purchased separately from the Main Set.

1. Get at least 1 Boss Disc.

2. 1 round is when every player has finished a turn. After 5 rounds, a Boss Disc is put to the center of the table and all the Monster Discs currently on the table go back to their bases.

3. Boss Attack! After 5 turns, the Boss Disc gets to attack. Roll a regular dice and count the number that you rolled, starting from the first player in a clock wise direction. Count to see which player's Monster Disc is eliminated by the Boss Monster!

4. Keep playing until the Boss Disc is killed.

If you want to use a Boss Disc instead of a Monster Disc you may choose to do so, as long as the other players agree to it.

Boss Disc is not included and purchased separately from the Main Set.

1. During your turn, flick the Boss Disc as you would a Monster Disc to hit the other player's Monster Discs off of the table.

2. After every 5 turns, roll the dice for your Boss Attack move.

1. Remove all Power Discs.

2. Choose your Monster Disc.

3. Choose your corner base and place your Monster Disc there.

4. Put up to 3 Monster Discs in the middle of the table.

5. Flick your Monster Disc to knock the other Monster Discs off of the table.

6. Count how many turns it takes for you to knock off all the other Monster Discs.

7. The number of turns it takes to be the last monster remaining on the table is the number of points you score. The lower you score the better.

Play this game on the floor, even carpeted floors are no problem!

1. Each "Hole" needs a Starting Area and a Goal Disc that each player must try to hit with their disc to win.

2. Each player chooses a disc and sets it down on the Starting Area.

3. Choose a Goal Disc and place it at least 3 feet away from the Starting Area.

4. Each player takes a turn to flick their disc. Be the first one to hit the Goal Disc to win.

5. Try placing the Goal Disc around a corner to make it more challenging. Place blockades around the Goal Disc to demand accuracy!

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