Friday, November 28, 2014

Galaxy Masters

You have been sent to the hostile planet known as Infidia, a mystical terrain filled with beasts, monsters, magic and technology, just the place for an adventure of a lifetime! You are the mighty heroic warrior Remkor, an action figure who is out to make a name for himself. After landing safely on Infidia with your Falconoid spaceship, you walk towards the destination point. Looking up you see a brilliant rainbow colored pattern sky made by the mass of outer space gasses near by the planet. Upon finally arriving at the destination point, you see an olderman named Warsage who you are suppose to meet. Warsage now retired, was the proud hero of Infidia. He has agreed to take you under his wing and pass the torch to you, acting as mentor behind the scenes. Warsage has the same super muscular and ripped body mold as you, the only telling of his age is the white pointy mustache and beard he is sporting. He welcomes you and notices that your not carrying a weapon. You tell him that your weapon is the one that you take from your enemy. Warsage let's out a laugh, says he admires your attitude but insists that you find a worthy weapon. He shows you his favorite weapon, a short double ended lance. Don't waste time, go vanquish evil now. Warsage looks very knowledgeable, do you ask him to train you? Do you do as he says and go look for a weapon? You ask Warsage where his fortress is, and he tells you that the evil Skullgore has taken over the fortress formerly named the Tower of Power, and renamed it The Tower of Gore. Sadly you and Warsage are homeless until you can find a place to stay. You encounter Whippert one of Skullgore's minions. The fight with Whippert was tougher than you expected, you ask Warsage if there are any heroic friends to help out. He tells you about a reliable female warrior. Do you go look for the female warrior? Do you go look for a different warrior?

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