Thursday, March 26, 2015

Warrior Cultures

Warrior Culture

3-26-2015 Last night I watched a very long Youtube interview video where this MMA coach talks about warrior culture. He felt that the best warriors were from Europe. It was very interesting to hear all the historical information that he had accumulated, but sadly it was an ear sore to hear his extreme bias and prejudice. I then asked myself why does he have to say these things? Is it because so many people say that Samurai warriors are the best, and it became annoying for him? Which is understandable because anyone who speaks with their own bias as if it were the only view point that matters is extremely annoying. Sadly he was making the same mistake himself. If this was the reason why he had to retaliate and claim that the European warriors were the best, then really it's not about the Samurai warriors at all, it's about the annoying behaviors some people have. The mindless people who say this warrior is the best or that warrior is the best, are really just parroting some pompous jerk's words. Every culture has warrior culture, every one of those warriors were amazing in their own way. So to say one is better than the other is stupid. He seemed to have a hatred towards Asian culture, and he continued to bash the Mongols. He said that those guys were only successful because they were on horse back and were good at archery. He said that if they went into the woods of Europe they wood loose in close range combat. This is a silly argument because warfare includes everything, just like in MMA, some guys are good at stand up striking, others are good at dirty boxing, others sprawl and brawl, while others ground and pound you, and let's not forget the submission experts. One field isn't better than the other. His argument is like saying Boxing is the best because your suppose to fight like a man. He said that the ancient Japanese warriors are not that impressive because they only fought each other, meaning they did not test themselves in the world. He said that any warriors that didn't battle other warriors from other countries probably aren't that good. Once again this is a silly argument because Boxers only face boxers, and wrestlers compete against other wrestlers, and they can still be very formidable because they are very good at what they do. After watching his very long interview, at the end he basically stated that he himself had European warrior blood line running through his veins. So I think at the end of the day he was just basically promoting himself. The interviewer was a young martial artist who marveled at this guy's historical knowledge ignoring the extreme bias and said that this guy was one of the best martial artists he had ever trained with. All I have to say is be careful folks, don't put your instructor on a pedestal, and watch out for any extremely negative point of view that has a superiority complex. A superiority complex just leads to prejudice. Don't hate, make peace.

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