Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Anderson Silva and Filipino Martial Arts

Anderson Silva uses Filipino Boxing by Wmpyr

I was asked to analyze Anderson Silva's Filipino Boxing skill from UFC 198 Anderson Silva VS Michael Bisping. Prior to this, I saw a clip of Anderson Silva training with the legendary JKD and Filipino martial arts expert's expert Dan Inosanto. Like the time when Anderson was involved with Steven Seagal, I thought it was more of a publicity stunt than actual training. So I didn't think much of it other than, Anderson Silva is a fanboy of traditional martial arts, which is cool since he is a legendary pro fighter.

I watched the fight thinking yeah right. First round goes by and I'm like I don't see anything. In the second round my jaw drops to the floor, there it is, something I haven't seen from him before, and stuff that I recognize being a Filipino martial arts practitioner myself.

When you take a staple Filipino double stick fighting move like the Heaven 6 combo and try to apply it in real life against a fully resisting opponent without using any weapons, you pretty much have to follow what I call the "Double Ds" technique rules of Eskrima. Use the Eskrima techniques for Distraction and Destruction. When you have the distant against an opponent that observes as opposed to aggressively attacks, use the Eskrima movements to distract your opponent like 52 Blocks and Piper Knife Fighting, this is called Distractions. The other method is called Destructions and you make those movements very very compact and use your elbows to hit their attacks for defense. Traditionally it is taught that Destructions can incapacitate the opponent's attacking limb, but from personal experience I can tell you that without a weapon your lucky if you can even cause some pain.

I definitely saw Anderson Silva use the Double Ds, but the crazy thing is that I saw him do more than that. I saw him backed up to the fence and literally use the Heaven 6 to parry Bisping's punches! This was amazing and frustrating for me to watch! It was amazing because it's like watching a pro wrestler pull off pro wrestling moves in MMA. Fantasy taking place in the realm of reality. It's NOT suppose to happen! That is how good Anderson Silva is, he can make Matrix stuff happen.

This is frustrating to me, because the Heaven 6 is not intended to be used that way. Of course this is just my opinion but years ago in my training I had double sticks, my training partner had double sticks and we both did the Heaven 6 against each other and went at it, not to kill but real enough, and I quickly found out that the art was never meant to be used in a way where you are blocking everything perfect like you do in the partner drills.

In my opinion the hand to hand combat, real life application version of the Heaven 6 hasn't been shown to the world yet, but it blew me away to see Anderson Silva force the usage of the Heaven 6 against one of the top fighters in the world. And he pulled it off! This was like watching Bob Sapp pile driver Antonio Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira in Pride Shockwave 2002.

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