Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Eskrima Warmup

Eskrima warmup exercises are designed to warmup the body, for the Eskrima training your about to do so that you don't get injured.

I personally like to include shadowboxing style mobility exercises so that you practice your footwork and cardiovascular conditioning for endurance. 

The warmup can consist of a review, where you do techniques previously learned at a slower pace. The biggest mistake beginners make is that their form becomes bad when they go slower.  

Eskrima also consists of exercises that will slowly change your body over an extended period of time so that you can perform better. The main exercise is to twirl the stick to make circular motions with your wrist. It takes a long time to build up the kind of wrist strength and wrist articulation that we are looking for. I also teach students to use the Eskrima stick to lightly hit the body in different areas to toughen up various areas of the body. This includes your knuckles, abs, thighs, shins, and arms.

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