Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Eskrima 2 Ways of Fighting

In real life combat there are two ways of fighting. Direct Combat and The Game.

Even though The Game doesn't sound realistic, it is, and every martial artist is trying to do The Game in a real life situation. Your trying to make a street fight as close as possible to a Boxing match, or Kickboxing match, or MMA match. There are many games in the martial arts such as a Karate match, Eskrima match, point fighting, San Da, and many grappling matches. These kinds of sport fighting is The Game and that is what you want to do in a real life altercation.

The Game is an exchange of strategy and skill. In a Direct Combat situation which can occur during The Game, is when you are in close proximity and your just attacking like crazy or defending like crazy. A bar fight brawl is Direct Combat. It's rare but there are a few K-1 Kickboxing matches I've seen where one fighter rushes in on the other and just unloads at the very start of the match, instead of the feeling out process which 99% of most Kickboxers would do. 

So if your are studying a style like Eskrima, most if not all of that is for The Game. And if you try to implement techniques designed for The Game during a Direct Combat situation, then you are using the wrong techniques at the wrong time.

In The Game, your Eskrima techniques should consist of attacks similar to Kickboxing, quick jabs setting up power strikes, various attacks from different angles, and working their legs. Defensively it should consist of parrying, deflecting, and blocking.

In Direct Combat your attacks are powerful close range attacks such as the Bayonet fighting techniques. Defense should be once again two hands on one stick like in Bayonet fighting.

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