Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Eskrima The Game

To learn The Game we experience full contact fighting or we can study it. I value my health so I'm going to borrow from combat sports such as Boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA.
The Game of Eskrima consist of the following components.
1. The Jab - a quick non committed strike like the jab in Boxing.
2. Power shot - a committed powerful strike like the cross in Boxing.
3. Combos - Every Boxer/Kickboxer knows the effectiveness of combos.
4. Feints - use feints to fake out your opponent.
5. Work the Leg - Change levels to attack their leg like in Muay Thai.

The strategy is the same as Boxing, use the jab to set up stronger strikes. Manage your cardio while depleting your opponent's. Fight them close when they want to fight far, fight them far when they want to fight close. You want to frustrate your opponent and discourage them, make them doubt themselves.

When you play The Game, your always ready for a battle of attrition. You expect the fight to go the distance so you make sure you stay strong while your opponent gets weaker.

Why play The Game? Every professional fighter knows that if you charge in meaning business trying to finish the fight from the very beginning, your vulnerable because it's very risky. 

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