Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Aikido in MMA

I recently saw a video on Youtube where a guy was talking about why we don't see Aikido techniques in MMA.

I think there are two common reasons as to why this is.

1) Because they don't work.
2) Because Aikido is for self-defense/combat, while MMA is a sport/duel.

I disagree strongly with both reasons.

The people who think that we don't see Aikido techniques in MMA because they don't work, still operate in a way of thinking where they believe that certain techniques work and don't work.

They are wrong in my opinion because any technique has the potential to work, fail, and everything in between. Simply put, there are no guarantees.

Instead of viewing the technique as it works or not, I think people should become more responsible and say I don't know how to make this technique work, rather than blame the technique.

Many people see BJJ as a style that works, so if we get a BJJ technique like a rear naked choke, if you are a beginner and you walk into a BJJ school, I guarantee that the RNC will not work for you, in fact probably non of the BJJ techniques will work for you the first week that your there.

Moving on to opinion number two, where people think that Aikido techniques are not seen in MMA because they are designed for combat and not sport.

I disagree with this statement too, because whether we are talking about combat, a street fight, bar fight, dark alley fight, self-defense, home invasion, sport, fighting on grass or sand, multiple attackers, these are all just scenarios. And the main thing is that the body mechanics, human aggression, stress, timing, physical contact, things like this do not change.

So if I'm going to use an Aikido wrist lock technique it doesn't matter what scenario, as far as what it takes to execute the technique it won't change, because I'm doing it to a human being in a physical confrontation. Now if I do the technique and his buddy comes up to me from behind and kicks me in the junk, it doesn't mean that the technique failed, it means that it was the wrong time for me to do the move, or the strategy was not good. 

So why do we not see Aikido moves in MMA?
Simply put because there are not enough Aikido people interested in competing in MMA.How many Aikido schools are there where they focus on competing in MMA? How many MMA fighters cross train with Aikido people? Now ask the same two questions with Muay Thai, wrestling, Boxing, and BJJ.

How many Judo and Sambo people do MMA at a televised level? Not many, how many Tae Kwon Do and Karate people do MMA at a televised level, probably even less than the Judo and Sambo people. So you can imagine, something like Aikido, Tai Chi, Systema, Wing Chun, and Eskrima, would be close to zero.

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