Sunday, November 6, 2016

Martial Running

Martial Running is a term I made up.
It's basically just running specifically for martial arts.

Essentially I'm talking about two things here.
Number one is to run and become fit so that I become better at doing martial arts.
Number two is to become better at running. This is because I view running as a skill. To me running is a martial arts technique, so just like any other technique I need to practice it to become good enough with it so that I can use it in a real life altercation.

How is it different from normal running?
Because it's for martial arts, I add things from and for martial arts.

Here are some tips.

1. Add footwork
As you are running, mix in your footwork practice from whatever style it is you practice.

2. Practice Breathing
While your running, practice breathing the way you would in whatever style it is you practice.

3. Make your running more technical
Martial arts is the study of body mechanics. So break down the different body mechanics that occur when running and work on those.

4. Incorporate body martial arts body mechanics
As your running, add in explosive movements, or swing your arms  martial arts style.

5. Imagine scenarios
As you run use your imagination to make your running a bit more experienced.

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