Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tai Chi vs MMA

I recently saw the infamous video that has China all stirred up.
A former MMA fighter goes up against an alleged Tai Chi master.
I also got to have a discussion about it with my long time martial arts friend.

The result is of no surprise to me.
Get any Tai Chi master and have him go up against a pro fighter and the result would probably be the same. Quick destruction of someone that clearly doesn't know how to fight.

1. So why does this happen?
2. Why is it of no surprise?
3. What good is Tai Chi?

1. Why does this happen?
The Tai Chi master loses because he doesn't know how to fight. His opponent a former MMA fighter does. It's as simple as that.

2. Why is it of no surprise?
I've said it before that the purpose of a traditional martial arts school is to pass it on. That's what a tradition is. So the Tai Chi master is a scholar who knows just about everything there is to learn about the style and passes it on. That has nothing to do with fighting.

Your asking for a curator of a museum, or a master librarian to go perform. It's not going to happen.

3. What good is Tai Chi?
So if learning Tai Chi is not going to result in defeating the MMA fighter, then what good is it? The benefits are actually too numerous to list. The only thing you can't do is to expect the Tai Chi techniques to be superior in a fight against a real fighter.

Conclusion The life of a fighter is straight forward, your going to become tough, and then your going to become an athlete. Your going to win some and lose some, you learn that fighting is tougher than you. At the end your going to realize that you've shortened your life or at the very least decreased the comfort of your life. You will however know what real fighting is like, and you will have that experience.

Traditional martial arts like Tai Chi offers so much more. But in return you won't be the fighter that you think or expect to be especially if you've seen one too many movies.

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