Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Martial Arts vs Sport

Based on the comments I get from Youtube, people seem to think that martial art and sport are 2 different things.

In other words these people do not really see Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, or MMA as a martial art. They see it as sport.

What's the difference between sport and martial arts? They will tell you that sports has rules, martial arts does not.

That definitely makes martial arts sound cooler.
It sounds like sport is not as effective.

So even if the statement is true, it's misleading.

Why? First of all combat sports is martial arts. At least the way I see it.
So Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, and MMA is martial arts in my point of view.

Why do I say this? Simply because sport to me is nothing more than sparring taken to the extreme.
And most martial arts do sparring or at the very least see the value of sparring.
So even if you insist that combat sports are not a martial art you cannot deny that it's 100% connected to martial arts.

Sport is a form of sparring. It's full contact sparring to the highest degree.

Most people who do not give sports any credit do not understand how high the level of competition is, how difficult it is to compete and do well. They have no clue.

Sport has rules for sure, but rather than looking at that as a limitation, I view it as a way to excel. Because of the rules, Boxers have amazing hands. If they were allowed to kick it would let them have an excuse to do something else and not sharpen their hand skills as much.

Sport makes you work on a specific set of skills and take it to a very high level because of those rules. The skills that you have from sport can be used in real combat.

However it may not come to play, you may not get a chance to use your Boxing skills, because let's say the bad guy took you down to the ground, or he pulled a knife or gun on you. Even though your Boxing skills never came into play, it doesn't mean that they are worthless. They were worthless in that particular moment, but in another situation who knows? If a Grappler beats a Boxer, it doesn't mean that Boxing is useless, the Boxer's punches are still dangerous.

Take a look at an Apache helicopter, it's an awesome combat helicopter, however can one say that it's better than a F-15 or a battle ship, or a tank? In certain situations the Apache shines, in others it was not meant for.

A self-defense situation can mean a lot of things, so the important thing is to understand when and how you can use your skills rather than criticize other styles.

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