Monday, July 3, 2017

Tai Chi Master vs MMA fighter

For those that do not know, spoiler alert ahead!

The result was quick and brutal.
And in all honesty should not have been a surprise in my opinion.

Why did the Tai Chi master get demolished in a one sided violent fight?
More importantly why were so many people shocked at the outcome?

The answer to the first question is simple.
We had a teacher go up against a fighter. That's why the Tai Chi master lost.
This is what people fail to understand. If you accumulate a ton of knowledge, it doesn't automatically make you a good fighter.

In fact there are many good fighters that do not have a ton of knowledge, because fighting doesn't require knowledge.

The big difference here is knowledge versus applied knowledge.
So the Tai Chi master should have a very thorough and complete knowledge about Tai Chi.
The MMA fighter may not have a ton of knowledge about MMA which is comprised of cross training in a select couple of martial arts such as Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing and Wrestling. However the main thing is can he apply what he knows against a fully resisting opponent, can he fight against another human being to create opportunities to apply his techniques? And the answer is yes, yes he can.

Why were people so shocked at the outcome?
I'm gonna blame cinema. I really think that movies have shown the fantasy side of martial arts and not the reality side. We have become so accustomed to the fantasy side that the public can't understand what is real and what is fake.

I think fantasy is fine, it can entertain and encourage us, but when there is too much of it, and people's minds are clouded in fantasy then this is bad because they are living a lie and they have false expectations. The public expects to see an 80 year old man, who is morally and ethically just, be able to defeat 10 bad guys at once with his Kung Fu skills. If this was real we would be fighting wars with highly trained Kung Fu experts armed with ancient weapons, rather than soldiers with firearms.

I believe that the Tai Chi master thought he was going to do well, why else would he have accepted the challenge match? He starts off confident with his arms raised up high. Sadly he got a dose of reality. This means that he didn't train seeking reality. In martial arts training, you should incorporate the pursuit of truth. If all we did was train martial arts for putting on a show, like a Hollywood fight scene, you can end up becoming very arrogant. And I've met people like that. I've met people who did point fighting and thought it was real fighting. You could even be a world champion Kickboxer and be an excellent fighter, but if you don't have a good sense of reality you can go into a bad neighborhood act tough and then get shot.

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