Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What's wrong with Aikido?

What's wrong with Aikido?

First let me briefly mention my background so that I don't sound like a total keyboard warrior.
I have about 4 years worth of Aikido training on and off. I also have about 10 years of Muay Thai, BJJ, and MMA training. 

That being said, I don't think there is anything wrong with Aikido. 
You might be thinking, if Wmpyr really has MMA training how could Wmpyr possibly think that Aikido is as good/legit as MMA?

If your a tough guy and can handle MMA training, great, go do it man. However not everyone can handle that. Maybe after a few years of traditional martial arts training they might become strong enough to move up to MMA training. 
However the average person may find combat sports way too rough. 
For the average person Aikido maybe a much better answer. 

Aikido has it's place, and I would rather train in Aikido than go to a BJJ or MMA gym right now. I'm over 40 years old and have nothing to prove. Last thing I need is for some young whipper snapper to make me his nemesis and heel hook my knee to a crippled life. 

The only problem with Aikido are the practitioners who think they can fight when they can't. BUT that is true of any style including MMA. 

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