Sunday, August 27, 2017

ERC Every Room Carry

As I write this, my area is under the mercy of Hurricane Harvey.
The flooding has gotten bad enough that the front road in front of the house is no longer visible, neither is our front lawn, just a river that is creeping up to our front door.

I remember at the time my BJJ training partner was a DPD Police Officer. It was right after Hurricane Katrina, and he told me of all the criminal activities that was going on despite the desperate times. So it's only smart to have a self-defense tool ready. 

EDC stands for Everyday Carry. And to tactical knife lovers it means the knife that you carry to work or just going out for your daily choirs.

If I'm going to do grocery shopping, I EDC a minimal tool that can be used for self-defense. The main word is tool, so that the judge, jury, and police do not think that I'm some nut job looking for trouble.

However during emergency times or if I know I'm going through a bad neighborhood, I will go to a more heavy duty self-defense weapon and also carry more than one if necessary.

Something I came up with when I was living in exceptionally bad neighborhoods in San Antonio was something I called ERC(Every Room Carry). This means that  I carried something for self-defense even in my own "home" which was usually at a section 8 apartment. There were times where I expected to see a burglar standing in my room.

So, don't just EDC, ERC especially during emergency/desperate times, just in case. 

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