Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Heaven 6

The "Heaven 6" is the most famous Arm Weaving technique. Arm Weaving is the skill to wield two weapons simultaneously without getting your arms in each other's way. 

Examples of Arm Weaving techniques:
1. Heaven 6
2. Heaven and Earth
3. Earth 6
4. Reverse Heaven 6

People misunderstand and think that you need two weapons to do Arm Weaving, but this is not true. Arm Weaving can be applied to empty hand combat. Arm Weaving is really about being able to skillfully use both hands together during combat.

Arm Weaving was taught to me to be used in three different ways:
1. Offensively 
2. Defensively
3. Counter attacking

Offensive Heaven 6 is quite simple, just go up to somebody and just attack, hit them all over their face, neck, and body.

Defensive Heaven 6 uses the same movements as the offensive usage, but instead of striking, slap the opponent's attack out of the way. This is basically a parry on steroids.

For Countering Heaven 6 there are two possibilities, one is to strike at their attack from the side which follows the paramount concept of Filipino martial arts called Defang the Snake. The second one is to deflect their attack and immediately strike at their head or body which is the typical counter strike.

I call the Heaven 6 the Swiss Army Knife of martial arts techniques because I discovered even more ways to use it!

With total respect to the Filipino arts of Kali, Eskrima, and Arnis, I've come up with three more exciting ways to use the Heaven 6. They may not be exactly innovative because someone could have already come up with this, but nobody to my knowledge has organized and presented it, in this easy to learn way.

1. Blocking Heaven 6
2. Catching Heaven 6
3. Armored Heaven 6

To do the Blocking Heaven 6, just keep your arms close in at all times. Keep everything real tight for blocking purposes. The Blocking Heaven 6 should be linked with the Double Forearm Block from Western Boxing. So you should be able to seamlessly go from the Double Forearm Block to the Blocking Heaven 6 and vice versa.  

Remember that anytime you see an opening, you can change the way your doing your Heaven 6 from blocking to striking out or any other usage, because you can't just remain there blocking the entire time, it's just a matter of time before your opponent will figure out how to get through. 

The Blocking Heaven 6 should be your most important Arm Weaving technique, because those who do not know how to block get knocked out.
The Catching Heaven 6 uses your arms to catch the opponent's limbs. This can be very useful when done right, but you have to always remember that the opponent can strike you with the other arm. A catching technique such as the X-Block can be very effective against an opponent trying to stab you in the gut.

The precursor to the Catching techniques are the Sandwich techniques. A Sandwich technique is an attack where you literally sandwich the target by hitting it from both sides. This prevents the opponent from going with the attack to ride off the force. The Sandwich techniques are done from a distance while the Catching techniques are done from a close range.
The Armored Heaven 6 is designed to help you clinch safely. The idea is to use your arms as armor to protect you while bashing into the opponent. Your arms can cover up your vulnerable areas such as your face and neck, the arms can block or even be used as a wedge to deflect attacks. Also enter the clinch with a strike such as a palm strike, chop, or elbow.

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