Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Happy Holidays 2017 is coming to an end!

Hello this is Wmpyr,
from the Wmpyr Youtube channel.
Another year is coming to an end, and I just wanted to give major thanks to those who have watched and supported my Youtube channel! I wouldn't be here if it weren't for ya'all. I wouldn't train as much if it weren't for ya'all!

I first started just wanting to a do a Vlog and see what that is like while learning how to use my video editing software and maybe also get a little better at public speaking.

Then I noticed that while there were people showing off doing the Heaven 6 technique, nobody was teaching it on Youtube, so I did. And from there I got so much positive feed back from so many people that were glad that I did.

I continued on and it's been roughly 10 years on Youtube.
When my first knife was sent to me to review from Knives STI. I was so excited!
Since then I had many other people sending me all kinds of products to review.
From shoes, comic books, to board games!

I want to make this clear, I could sign up for a program where I actually get paid by the company sending me their products, but that also means I become their employee and I have to say good things about their stuff, I have to make videos that meet their approval.
I've never done that. I like my freedom, I like having fun.

Anyways my main goal is to help those who don't have access or can't afford a martial arts school. I'm here to increase martial arts interest in a professional yet safe and fun manner.
Huge Thank you to the Tetsu to Kinu Bujitsu community, the Filipino Martial Arts community, and Professor Bram Frank for being so kind and supportive. 

Life is too short to focus on the negatives! Let's keep marching forwards and have some safe responsible fun! It's the best kind of fun!


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