Thursday, March 8, 2018


When a Muay Thai fighter faces a fighter from another discipline, many times they revert back to the leg kicking strategy for a completely dominant victory. 
You know, like the lumberjack chopping the tree down with his axe. No matter how big the tree, it eventually goes down.

You can see countless Muay Thai fights where leg kicks are used to crush those from other disciplines.
That tells you how effective leg kicks can be.
I advise you to take the time to sharpen up your leg kick so that it can be devastating.

When I first learned it, it began with just shin conditioning. 
I was told to kick everything in sight and I did, wooden table legs, steel poles, tennis rackets, glass bottles, Escrima sticks, and even banana trees.

The basic roundhouse kick taught in Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Kung Fu is a good place to start. 
1. Get down the mechanics and develop control.
2. Then focus on angle in relation to your target. In other words, depending on where you and your opponent is at, you can gain or lose power in your strike. 

The next step is about converting to a Muay Thai Kick.
1. Aim with your knee so that you will hit the target with your shin rather than your foot. 
2. Your kicking leg should push off the ground with your toes. 
3. Twerk your shoulder, torso, and waist into the kick, also using your arms. 
4. This last step is the hardest part, it involves learning how to turn your base foot while doing everything else. 

If you look at  power kickers they turn their base foot all the way, like an axis on a spinning top. 

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