Tuesday, March 20, 2018


In Eskrima we are taught the 4 Ranges of Combat.

1. Long Range
2. Medium Range
3. Close Range
4. Ground Range

Even though the 4 Ranges of Combat is commonly taught, most people are just like, in Long Range I'll use kicks, in Medium Range I'll use punching, in Close Range I'll use elbows and knees, and for the Ground Range I'll use wrestling and submission holds. 

This is not enough, chances are your opponent will be thinking the exact same thing. 
So we need to take the extra step and define the characteristics of each Range.

Long Range
Difficult to successfully attack a person from here. 
The person who controls the distance has the advantage.

Medium Range
Not enough time reaction time to see the opponent's attack and select the appropriate technique.  
The person who causes significant damage first has the advantage.

Close Range
Also called the clinch and grappling energy will be applied here.
The person who has control over their opponent has the advantage.

Ground Range
Mobility becomes limited here. This is a good place to finish someone, but your also committed.
The person who has the better position has advantage.

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