Saturday, March 3, 2018



Know that we don't want to be barehanded. 
We want to be in Long Range or further away.
Try to have an obstruction between you and the enemy.
If they want to assassinate you, you need to be aware.
Thwart the ambush by being aware and making distance.
When they fail to ambush you, it turns into a duel.

When you have the distance, it's ideal to take it step by step.

1. Distance Checking
2. Checking
3. Grab
4. Secure

Distance Checking helps you know if you can see and follow their movements.

Checking means that you can make contact on their attacking arm.

If you can grab their hand you got to wrap it up immediately to secure your hold.

Once you've secured their arm, the worst thing that can happen is when they pass the weapon to the other hand. 
Do not let them pass the weapon to the other hand, because you have no control over their free hand.

You should be thinking about disarming the enemy once the arm is secured. 

To disarm the enemy, you need to weaken their grip on the knife. 
You can weaken their grip with strikes, joint locks, and having them off balance. 
Once the grip is weak you can use any number of disarm techniques such as prying the knife out, striking the knife out, or grabbing the knife out of their grip. 

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