Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Improvised Weapons skills are good to have for self-defense.
It means that you have the ability to take an everyday common household item and use it effectively as a weapon.

Being able to choose the correct object is also part of the skill. 
Making a good choice requires prior experience of handling a similar object. 
Therefore you should actually train with everyday common household items.
Some items are too brittle, others are too awkward to hold.

Since our fighting skills come from the sticks, the goal is to transfer as much of your stick skills to the item at hand. 
Some things are easier to transfer your skills better than others. 

To help adapt to different items, you can start by training with sticks of different sizes.
When you train in double stick, make sure that the two sticks are not equal in size.
Normally when just working on double stick skills you want both sticks to have similar dimensions so that your not distracted and can focus purely on skill. 
However when training for improvised weapons, getting use to different sized weapons is critical.  

Furthermore stick fighting techniques can be trained in 4 different ways.
In other words you use your imagination to handle the stick as if it were each kind of weapon. 

1. Impact Weapon
2. Bladed Weapon
3. Flexible Weapon
4. Projectile Weapon

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