Sunday, March 25, 2018


Point Fighting is a combat sport where contestants compete to be the first one to score the first valid strike. Excessive force is not allowed.

Many practitioners of full contact combat sports look down on Point Fighting.
Many people view Point Fighting as a glorified game of tag, so they do not think of it as effective or realistic for the street. 

I completely disagree.

Like any other combat sport Point Fighting develops a specific set of performance skills under competition. Competition creates the environment of psychological stress and physical opposition.  

The skill set developed in Point Fighting is the skill set needed for Long Range fighting.
Long Range fighting is the safest fighting distance a person can be in.
If you are in a real life altercation with weapons involved, it would be smart of you to be in Long Range. When attacks are exchanged you will want to be doing it in a game of tag like manner.

Believe me you will not want to be Kickboxing with your opponent when weapons are involved, because even the victor could be extremely hurt.
Think about it, the victor of a Kickboxing match usually takes some good hits too. Just imagine if it was done by a weapon, the damage could be much worse.  

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