Tuesday, March 27, 2018


So you want to be able to protect yourself on the street? 
Well self defense skills begins with honing your body mechanics.

It’s the same as someone that wants to get good with a yoyo, you just pick the darn thing up and keep playing with it. 

So you should pick up a pair of sticks and keep playing with them. 
From there you put in the time. 
You got to have a good work ethic. 
That develops focus and discipline.
The focus is needed in a street altercation, because it’s very easy for the mind to wander off and start thinking about stupid stuff. 
You need to focus on the task at hand. 
What is happening, what do I need to do to survive?

Instead most people think about stuff that is not going to help them.
I can’t believe this is happening to me!
What will my friends and family think when they see me in the hospital or dead? 

The discipline is needed to become stronger. 
Keep in mind that the criminal that is going to attack you is a different breed of person. 
The criminals are predators that grew up in harsher environment than you, they have a different mind set. 

So you will need to be mentally and physically as strong as you can get. 

The Heaven 6 is perhaps the most famous technique in Filipino martial arts. 
It is a combo that can be done continuously with double sticks, single stick, double knife, single knife, stick and knife, empty hand, improvised weapons, and more.

Many people take for granted and don’t realize just how brutal the Heaven 6 really is. 
It is one of the most violent technique ever known to human kind! 
If you did the Heaven 6 with a machete in each hand, you can beat just about anybody. 

The Heaven 6 with a knife in each hand turns you into a wild animal. 

Even without weapons, just using your bare hands, the Heaven 6 is incredibly violent, relentlessly clawing, grinding, and striking using your fingers, fist, palm, forearm, and elbow.    

The Heaven 6 pattern flows, it’s a natural figure 8 movement that is incredibly efficient and can be changed making it extremely deceptive as well. 

The violent capabilities of the Heaven 6 is needed because a physical altercation is violent. 
If you can’t accept violence then you will be freaking out by the violence that is happening rather than focusing on what you need to do to protect and survive. 

So practice the Heaven 6 like an addiction, and make sure that you also make yourself as strong as possible. 
If you don’t do this kind of training then you won’t have skills to fight back. 

If you can't fight back, then you have to take the same approach as a rabbit in the forest. Sneak and hide from the deadly animals.

The various Heaven 6 techniques and tactics will help make your Heaven 6 better, but it's just useless info if you don't put in the practice. 
How much should you practice? 
It depends on how serious you are about not becoming a victim. 
The more effort you put in, the more you get out of it. 

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