Sunday, March 25, 2018


Many people feel that combat sports are not practical or effective on the street.  
In fact many people believe that it will get you killed on the street.

I completely disagree.

People don't want to give combat sports any credit primarily for one reason.
Combat sports have rules, while a street altercation does not.

The people who think this way are forgetting the fact that combat sports is designed to help a person develop a specific set of skills under rigorous competition as safely as possible.

Competitors are developing fighting skills under the limitation of rules, which allows them to develop their skills to a high level.

The founder of Judo, Prof. Jigoro Kano understood this.
The difference between Judo and Jiu-jitsu was that many of the Jiu-jitsu techniques were considered too dangerous so the Jiu-jitsu practitioners didn't spar. The Judo people on the other hand took the techniques that were safer to execute and sparred and competed with each other.

When the two schools fought, the Judo guys came out on top. It doesn't mean that Jiu-jitsu doesn't have valuable material to offer, but it does mean that sparring and competing will give you the ability to better execute your techniques.

And I believe that is the main lesson here, it doesn't matter if you have lethal moves if you can't execute them.

Think of it this way, who would you rather bet on, the person who uses dirty moves or the person who knows how to fight?

Also keep in mind that if a person knows how to fight they will be in better position to do the dirty moves.

These specific set of skills developed through combat sports can be applied effectively in a specific street situation.

The key is to know when and how to apply your skills.


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