Monday, April 23, 2018


The Wmpyr martial arts logo is very Halloween-ish because I happen to like Halloween very much.
The first movie I ever saw was Love at First Bite, the second movie I ever saw was Young Frankenstein.
Both films left a huge impact on me, and I was pretty much right at home with monsters since the beginning.
The Wmpyr logo is a Dracula and Frankenstein's monster hybrid.
This signifies not only my two favorite monsters, but also my own background.
I was brought up in two cultures, Japan and the USA.
So in some ways I feel like a hybrid too.
My martial arts is a hybrid system made up of more than one style.

I'm not saying that hybrid is the best, I'm simply stating that this is what I lived, at times it felt like a curse and at other times it felt like a blessing.
Over the years I have come to appreciate it.
And I'm here to share with you my martial arts system that stems from a hybrid type of mind.  

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