Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We are currently looking for Link exchange partners!

Zombie Fighter Jango's Laboratory, Sticks and unique state of the art self-defense weapons including Wmpyr collaboration projects!

Escrima sticks, and training knives, RW and Wmpyr collaboration!!! Unique high quality sticks and training Knives from weapon maker RW!

NUKO TOOLS, self-defense key chains, improvised Karambit punch rings, carry them with you all the time and always be prepared! For men and women!

My Recommended Youtube channels and friends!

Sumie Tachibana LA Based high end Fashion Designer, be sure to checkout her Etsy page for discounted products!


WWW.KRUDOKNIVES.COM Innovative Tactical Knives by Martial Arts expert Louis Krudo

STI Knives Innovative Tactical Knives and Professional Security
The STI Knives and Tactical Security Youtube channel

Zombie Outlaw Comic Book

Sakan Lam Youtube page for martial arts tutorials by a superb human being and superb martial arts instructor in Thailand.

Heelys Official website, Wmpyr will now be taking the local city by storm by combining martial arts and Urban Free Flow with the help of Heelys Nano!

Best home made weapons, King of Brass Knuckles and my Youtube friend!

WillysKnives.com For professional hair splitting razor sharp edge knife maintenance!

Bladeops: visit the Bladeops online store

Lazy Lizard Outdoor Gear
Lazy Lizard Gear Youtube channel SRJoben

www.Dirteknives.com from Youtube.com/dirteknives

WWW.JAYSBLADES.COM recommended by Weaponcollector

www.fightingforlives.com also on www.Youtube.com/shantanou

Looking for Escrima Sticks?

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