Saturday, October 14, 2017

Wmpyr Board Game

Wmpyr's Board Game idea

I'm just taking some notes on here to brainstorm some more later.

Number of players: 2+
Theme: Classic Horror
Play mechanics: Move pieces around a board that can be configured differently each time.

The board has illustrated areas such as the Carpathian Mountains, Ruins of Poacher Castle, Boar Yard Village, Hide Forest, and The Town of Mace Mint.

Players select a character at the start of the game.
1. Dracula
2. Wolfman
3. Franky
4. Mr. Hyde
5. Creature
6. Phantom
7. The Bride
8. Carmilla

Players go to certain areas of the board to get cards.

Story cards: When requirements are met (Dracula and Wolfman are on the same spot) whomever has this card may choose to use this card at the end of the player's turn (whomever's turn it was).
It may say something like Dracula and Wolfman do not like each other so they begin fighting each other but then they notice a greater threat so they must team up! Bring out the Possessed Knight!

Story cards are generally helpful.

When Franky enters the Boar Yard Village, roll the dice to see if the towns folk are frightened or threatened!

There is also a giant spinner for the enemy. After all the players take their turns, then someone spins the spinner for the enemy.
There are spinner cards that can be acquired in the game. A spinner card can replace a spinner card already active. You want to replace the spinner cards with weaker ones so that the game becomes easier. When you have replaced all monster spawning spinner cards on the spinner then the players get to battle the final boss together!

Goal of the game is to beat the final boss.

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Legends of the Hidden Temple board game review by Wmpyr

On the box it says for 4 to 12 players. 
If you have a stop watch then you can actually play some of the games by yourself. 
To get the full experience though it seems like you're going to need 4 players. 

True to the TV show this game is made up of many mini games. 
1. THE MOAT which consists of rolling the dice rapidly.
2. THE STEPS OF KNOWLEDGE which is a quiz game.
3. GOLDEN CUP OF BELSHAZZAR which is cup flipping
4. GALILEO'S CANNONBALL which is bouncing a ball into a cup
5. THE SMASHED PRINTING PLATE OF FREDRICK DOUGLAS which is a card game of a sharp eye and reflex 
6. TEMPLE RUN board game collecting treasures

If you're a fan of the TV show then this is going to be nostalgic for you.
If you don't know the TV show, then try looking it up on Youtube and see if you like it.
I think it would be good to play at a retreat or in a class. 

Friday, October 13, 2017


On September of 2017
A big Thank you to Goliath Games for sending me seven games to review for my Youtube audience!

1. Mastermind

2. Tri-ominoes
3. Legends of the Hidden Temple
4. Shit happens
5. Googly Eyes
6. Zoom Ball
7. Phlat Ball

Mastermind game review by Wmpyr

Tri-ominos game review by Wmpyr

Legends of the Hidden Temple game review by Wmpyr

Shit Happens card game review by Wmpyr

Zoom Ball review by Wmpyr

Phlat Ball outdoor game review by Wmpyr

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Pistol Grip Knife Benefits by Wmpyr

The family of LLC Knives from: WWW.CSSDSC.COM

Several years ago, pistol grip knives were not taken very seriously.
The vast majority of the public just didn't understand the benefits of such a knife.

Fast forward to today, pistol grip knives have become more and more appreciated.
I'm not saying pistol grip knives are the greatest thing ever, but I am here to share information about their benefits.

First off, please understand that there are thousands of different knives in the market today.
Some pistol grip knives are more extreme than others. The more extreme ones are literally shaped like a handgun.

While other knives like the ones in the photo above are more mild making it easier for the average person to adopt.

Let me share with you four simple benefits of the pistol shaped knife.


The curve of the handle gives you areas to directly push on when you are thrusting.
Structure wise this is a stronger stab.

The curve of the handle gives you a lever to pull back on after your thrust. 

The curve of the handle angles the blade closer to the target.
When slashing it brings the blade to the target faster.

Since the curve positions the blade more forwards this also means that you cut deeper on a slash compared to a standard knife.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

MASTERMIND game review by Wmpyr

Mastermind is a classic game that I had always been curious about but had never experienced until just now!

I play a Sudoku app on the phone pretty much everyday. Mastermind has many traits comparable to Sudoku. 

Mastermind like Sudoku is a game of logic and deduction. The first time I played Mastermind I felt like an idiot. What kept me wanting to play more is that, by playing this game I feel that it will help me become a little smarter. That's exactly the reason why I play Sudoku so much! I want to become smarter. 

My wife and I had a lot of fun playing Mastermind. We took turns being the code maker and the code breaker. She beat me every time, I was amazed at her intelligence and looking forward to upping mine. We both agree that it does have the same kind of charm as Battleship. 

Highly recommended, it's a classic for a reason!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

TRI-OMINOS game review by Wmpyr

I've never played regular Dominos so I can't give you a comparison there, but I can tell you that Tri-ominos was fairly quick and easy to learn. 

First thing that I noticed was that the quality of pieces seemed nice and solid. It also comes with nice trays.

In this game you will be doing a lot of math, so if you want to touch up on your adding and subtracting skills then this is it. Tri-ominos will make you smarter. 

Players place down triangular pieces trying to match the 2 numbers on each side. As the game goes on, an interesting geometric shape starts to form on the table. No 2 game will be exactly alike. 

You score points as you put down a piece, but lose points if you have to draw a piece. So the idea is to get rid of all of your pieces and score as many points as you can. 

An added dimension comes from the bonus points. You score massive extra points by completing a Hexagon, or what they call a bridge. 

From the makers of Rummikub and Mastermind! If you like Rummikub and want to try something different, but still along the same lines, Tri-ominos might be the answer you're looking for! 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

PHLAT BALL outdoor game review by Wmpyr

Is it a disc or is it a ball?

It seems like the double nature of the Phlat Ball has confused some people. And some people have also mentioned that the suction cup gimmick doesn't work too well for the Phlat Ball games mentioned on the package.  

I think that we can all agree that the easiest and many times most fun thing to do is to just play a simple game of catch. If you have more than one player, make a circle and toss the ball at whomever you want.

The Phlat Ball gives some exciting and innovative variety here. You can "Phlatten" it and pancake toss it to someone so that it pops open on them, or you can toss it to them like a frisbee. Or if your the more conventional traditionalist you can just toss it in ball form. 

It's basically a transformer in your hand, and it brings a breath of fresh air to the million year old game of catch! It's that simple, it worked for me, catch with an option! If that sounds interesting to you, I recommend it, just don't use it like a soccer ball or basket ball. 

I also own the Bash Ball from Nerf, and I think the Phlat Ball is a great addition, both balls add a new dimension to your regular ball. 

It's also a nice bonus that it can store easy in your backpack!