Saturday, October 12, 2019

Lips of Blood (1975) Lèvres de sang film review by Wmpyr

Stylish, moody vampire flick by the legendary director Jean Rollin. 
When I first saw this film it left a positive impression on me.
It wasn't in my top 10 most favorite vampire films list or anything but I thought it had potential.

After watching it again, I feel like I can appreciate it more. 
It's not perfect for me, for instance some of the key actors I would have not casted. 

However all said and done this feels like a masterpiece in it's own rite. 

I really like the concept of a little boy who is sweet with a beautiful vampire lady.
When the boy grows up he starts to see images of this vampire lady again.
The film took a detective direction where the main character is trying to figure out where she is. 

Up to this point I was drawn in but then once they started to show the anti-vampire people and explain the back story, I can't say that I was too thrilled. 
I don't think it's terrible, maybe I just would have preferred a different direction plot wise. 

Naked vampire women in night gowns running around the empty city at night, the sea side castle, the windy beach, all these visuals worked very well for me. 

I also recently saw the Hammer film Vampire Circus again recently. 
It was enjoyable just as I remembered. 
However between Lips of Blood and Vampire Circus, I have to give Lips of Blood the upper hand. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Game Boy Aliens, Predator, RoboCop, and Terminator

I've been playing a lot of Game Boy games recently.
There are a million titles and it's really difficult and overwhelming to figure out which ones are really worth playing.

There are a bunch of games from the hit films Alien, Predator, RoboCop, and Terminator.

I've played these following titles:
Alien 3
Alien vs Predator
RoboCop 2
RoboCop versus The Terminator
T2 The Arcade Game
Terminator 2 Judgement Day

Alien vs Predator is my favorite from this list even though I stink at it. 
The graphics are actually amazing for Game Boy. 
The various weapons you can pick up for the Predator make it cool.
Controls are the weakest part and do require some time getting use to. 
Game play for me is just getting completely lost in the levels despite given a crude map.
However I'm running around as the Predator kicking butt using various weapons and that is what makes this game cool.

YouTube Gamers seem to actually really like Alien 3 on Game Boy and I can see why.
I'm not good at it but it's easily the 2nd most enjoyable game from this list.
The graphics are minimal but it actually works for this game. 
It's a unique game that is surprisingly enjoyable.
Reminds me a little bit of the PS1 game Loaded but with much less action.

I'm not sure if I can recommend the rest, this is my ranking of these games. 
The Good:
Alien vs Predator
Alien 3

The next 2 is for hardcore fans only:
T2 The Arcade Game

Avoid these next 3:
RoboCop 2
RoboCop versus The Terminator
Terminator 2 Judgement Day

Sunday, August 11, 2019

KEA (Kali, Eskrima, Arnis)

Kali, Eskrima/Escrima, and Arnis are pretty much the same thing and only different in name.
I like to call it KEA just to simplify things.

KEA is part of FMA (Filipino Martial Arts).

Here is the curriculum breakdown for those interested in learning this art.
Keep in mind that this is definitely a generalized version.
Not all schools follow this, some do more while others do less.


Single stick
Double stick
Training knife standard grip
Training knife reverse grip
Empty hand

One hand
Two hand
Arm Tapping
Lock Flow

4 Ranges of Combat
Defang the Snake

Target practice
Partner drills

KEA is known around the world for it's first class stick and knife skills.
KEA is currently taught to the Filipino military and Police.
It is also taught to many military and Police groups around the world.
It is primarily a weapons based system but there is an empty hand portion as well.
KEA is relatively simple and easy to learn.








Friday, July 27, 2018

Zombie Outlaw #3

comic book review by Wmpyr

I've been a comic book reader all my life. 
One thing I dislike is over exposed mainstream stuff whether it’s comics or movies, so I really enjoy reading indie(independent) comics. 

Some indie titles are very amateurish in production but Zombie Outlaw has always looked extremely professional. From the printing all the way to the quality of each page.

The artwork by Benny Jordan is not your cookie cutter superhero style, it’s more of a comedy meets gore, unique and striking like Rat Fink Ed Roth style.

This being issue number 3 the story is still premature, but number 3 definitely packs the most action! 

In this issue you will see a college campus being over run by zombies like the Hulkafide zombie, busty college babe zombie, and wasabi pea shooting action! 

Creator Brian Apodaca leaves us hanging right when it gets good, our heroes have been cornered by the horde and they looked pretty doomed! 
Will we see the Zombie Outlaw unleashed in the next issue or what? 
I’m no psychic but one thing is for sure, we are headed towards zombie versus zombie action!  

Friday, May 25, 2018


The key to happiness I learned from martial arts is one word, and that is to coexist.
In order to coexist we need to look for similarities rather than differences.

Most people look at differences and it creates a negative effect.

The ability to look at differences and turn it into something positive is a higher skill so don't do it unless you have this ability.

Differences divide us, separation into groups cause fear, ultimately this turn into conflict, whether it's verbal, physical, or both.

In other words differences causes fighting, combat, and war.

The combat method solves problems by beating the other force and then the winner gets to impose their will without any concern for the other force or their view points.

This method only creates resentment and it's the most primitive way to do things.

It is the stupidest way to solve problems.

Remember to always look for similarities.

It could be the smallest thing in life, for example when a salesman rings your doorbell.

First make sure that you don't open your door.
You never know who the other person is and it can leave you vulnerable to very bad situations.
Anyway some guys get really mad, I mean really angry and upset, I will kill this bastard for trying to sell me something I don't want or need!

If you look at differences your going to think like, I would never get a job like that, what kind of person would take this job, get a real job! This person would sell their own mother and grandmother!

Instead look at similarities, this person is human and just trying to make a living, we both live in a tough world where money is needed.

When you look at similarities it will calm you down a little. Keep thinking that way and it will take away your anger. And the more you do this, the more pleasant you will become, and you will start to notice that the human interaction you have in your life is getting better.

Remember coexisting equals happiness.

The opposite of coexisting is war which is misery.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Jukai Shonen Zoo1 by Man Gataro
Manga 1~9 Review by Wmpyr

If you like extreme comedy like the movie Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie then this manga is right up your alley. 
The super stylized "dirty looking" art reminds me of the great R Crumb. 
If you can dig the art style and the extreme comedy then congratulations you are a rare breed and this manga is for you!
You’ve been warned this manga has ample amounts of vulgarity, violence, gore, nudity, puking, and explosive diarrhea!

The illustrator is not only known for his gross comedy but also for using the same image over and over like a lazy person trying to cheat. That is his gag style (if you can call it that). So just laugh at it when you see his "technique" and enjoy!
The story is about your typical loser kid named Juichi and a dog going on an adventure to save a hobo who has been kidnapped and brainwashed. Hobos have been getting abducted and forced to make giant robots in a secret underground factory.

The story isn’t cookie cutter, and the author pretty much just does what he wants much like the comedic genius Andy Kauffman.
The story isn’t afraid to break rules so it thinks way way outside the box like Alejandro Jodorowski's Holy Mountain. 

There are many WTF moments in this manga and you just have to go with it knowing that you're reading something that is unlike any other, and that alone should put a smile to your face!  

I really totally absolutely enjoyed it and I will be reading it again and again!

I give it 10 stars out of 10!